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Taste of Kerala – A place where some of the most exotic, sumptuous and authentic delights from even the hard to find but not-to-be-missed areas of Kerala are served.

Where the aromas of some distinctively native spices fill the air and awaken your senses and the flavors that linger on and keep titillating your taste buds.

From a humble beginning to a full service restaurant, we have come a long way and are better equipped and prepared to take you on a culinary journey that lets you dive into the rich heritage, background, and culture of southern paradise of India called Kerala.


Our Specials


Cozy Up with our hearty soup selection, carefully crafted to satiate different taste buds!

Vegetarian Specialties

Experience the delicious and wholesome world of vegetarian cuisine!

Non Vegetarian Specialties

Dive into a world of meaty goodness with our non-vegetarian menu options


Satisfy your sweet tooth and quench your thirst with our regional selections!


Our Menus Menu


Crispy pastries filled with Potatoes, Green peas and Spices
Lentil Fritters

Mixed vegetables stuffed in French Pastries


Basmati rice cooked mixed vegetables, herbs, spices and cashews
Basmati rice, Cottage Cheese, Green peas and Chefs own special spices
Well cooked chicken with an aromatic basmati rice and six different spices


Lentil and brown Sugar



+(216) 450-1711

+(216) 450-1713

You can make a reservation via phone, please give us a call at the above number and one of our friendly staff members will assist you in booking a table.

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